Art and Travel

I’ve been so lucky in my line of work, to be able to travel and see the world, and my love of travel has only increased the more often I’m able to hop on a plane. And in traveling and seeing the culture and magnificence of different places, I became completely obsessed with art, be it a Bernini sculpture, just casually living in a piazza in Rome, a heart soaring Rothko tucked away in a gallery in London, an Old Master reliably hanging in a museum or an entire gallery designed by and housing Twombly paintings that will make you catch your breath, in Houston. Now, when I travel, I usually plan my trip around an art exhibit somewhere in the world. 

My other love is vintage clothing. I’ve been buying, selling and styling vintage clothing since my teens, and the thrill of finding that perfect Adrian-esque, puff-sleeved, 1930’s dress has never diminished. 

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